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We work for you, not the bank

Marc Cam has built a reputation as one of Melbourne’s most trusted mortgage brokers. As a specialist in home loans and mortgage refinancing, Marc helps you save money on home loan interest and fees while ensuring all lending is ethical, equitable, environmentally conscious and the right structure for you. Reduce the stress and hassle of trekking around multiple lenders yourself, call Marc today.

Bonjour From Our Director,

Marc Cam

While originally from France, I’ve been calling Australia home for more than 10 years. I understand that securing a new home loan or refinancing an existing one can be incredibly time-consuming and confusing; I’ve been there. Time and again, people get knocked back by banks because they don’t fit into a very narrow box. The banks don’t care, but I do. I navigate the mortgage maze on your behalf to make the home loan process as efficient and stress-free as possible. I pride myself on doing home loans differently. I take the time to sit and listen to your circumstances, educate you on your options and find a solution to suit your needs. I’m your mortgage broker, not the banks’.

Why Choose Us?

At Marc Cam Home Loans, you’re dealing directly with Marc Cam, the owner of the business: no call centres, no explaining multiple times; just top-class, personalised service and tailored, impartial advice for your unique circumstances. With his wealth of expertise, Marc delivers sustainable, inclusive, ethical home loan and refinancing solutions that empower you to take control of your mortgage.

Ethics Over Profit

We care about our clients AND the environment. If it is important to you, we can help you find the right environmentally-conscious solution from a portfolio of lenders that do not invest in fossil fuels. You’ll have complete peace of mind that you’ve made the best choice for your future and the planet.

Personalised Service

The banks might not listen, but we certainly do. Stop dealing directly with the banks at short in-branch meetings or relying on computer-generated home lending; it’s time for a human touch. Meet over Zoom or face-to-face – whatever works for your busy schedule, and let Marc tailor a solution to fit your needs.

Inclusive & Equitable

Your ethnicity, language, job title, sexuality, religion, age or appearance should not dictate your ability to get a home loan. At Marc Cam Home Loans, we get you. No matter your circumstances or background, we are an inclusive and equitable mortgage broker making lending fair and accessible for all.

What We Offer

We provide individual consultations in person and online free of charge*


Marc Cam Home Loans is a boutique mortgage broker in Melbourne.

Armed with his ‘Cam-do’ attitude, Marc has made it his mission to promote reasonable and ethical home loan services for equitable mortgage broking that is fair for those from diverse backgrounds.

Having grown up in France and relocated to Australia in 2012, Marc is bilingual and regularly assists clients in both French and English.

Marc Cam Home Loans also looks to sponsor local sporting, charity and environmental initiatives to give back to the Melbourne community.

Making Your Mortgage

Work For You

Working with our network of over 30 premium lenders, we can conduct in-depth market comparisons and offer multiple home loan options per your needs.

We ensure you know exactly how much you can borrow, then manage the entire process from application and approval to sign up and settlement coordination.

But we don’t stop there; we ensure you always have the best terms post-settlement by routinely renegotiating your home loan rates through refinancing to get you the best possible outcome.


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